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Help with the mod

Добавлено: 18 июл 2013, 18:52
Hello. I'm new in joomla and my english it's not good. Anyway i try to explain my problem. I install your mod, i enable the module but still not appear in frontpage. My test page is this : http://www.vandiworld.gr/joomla . i forgot to do somethink ? and somethink else..i have my forum in folder httpdoc . what path i can write in mod option? i just want to see if i write the correct path.

Добавлено: 18 июл 2013, 20:54
Sorry for the delay in replying. I see that everything is done. The module is located on the left side of the site.

Добавлено: 20 июл 2013, 12:17
yes. finally it's working. :):) Thanks for this mod. :-ok-: :-ok-:

Добавлено: 01 фев 2014, 14:36
Если форум на субдомене, то абсолютный, иначе без разницы. Влияет это только на ссылки.

Добавлено: 02 ноя 2014, 09:27
In version 2.1.0 this option is not available. In the new version it will be fixed (tomorrow). The module can be updated through the administration section after release.